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A Will is the best way to ensure that your estate passes to the people you want to benefit, whether that's your spouse or children, other family dependants, friends or charities. 


A Will is particularly important where you and your partner are not legally married or where one or both of you has children from a previous relationship.

Before preparing a first draft of your Will,  I will take you through a series of questions to enable me to understand your requirements. I will review your existing Will to see what, if any, changes need to be made. I will discuss the choice of executors with you and, in cases where you have young children, whether you wish to appoint guardians for them. Where relevant I will discuss possible ways in which you can limit your estate's exposure to inheritance tax.

Once I have prepared a draft of your Will I will forward this to you for approval. You can make any amendments or additions to it as you wish until a final version is agreed. 

I will then provide you with full advice on how your final Will should be signed and witnessed. You can keep the original Wills with you or you can opt to store them with me through Nexa Law Limited. at no extra cost. 

Please Contact Me for an initial discussion and to arrange an appointment.

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